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Welcome To Natures Gold


Who is Natures Gold and why do we do it…

First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jalynnda and I live in Northern California. I am a mom to 2 kids, a wife, special education teacher by day, and an herbalist by night. I manage my daughters softball team, am in a masters program, and continue my education as an herbalist on the side. Im busy AF to say the least but what is a life without adding passion and enjoying what you do? So here I am, in a space that I’ve created to share my knowledge, love, and passion for herbs and Mother Nature.

What inspired Natures Gold?.

To be honest, a little over 2 years ago I found myself chronically ill. Seriously, like, back-to-back sick every month. This wasn’t just a few times, it had been most of my adult life. If there was some weird virus that even the doctors didn’t even know how to treat, I had it (true story). It got to a point where people were commenting on how often I was sick and it made me realize that something had to give.

Insert here the lovely pandemic of 2019 and the extra time on my hands from being laid off, I began researching any and everything to boost my immune system. I came across Fire Cider by the famous herbalist Mary Gladstar. I decided it couldn’t hurt to try it, so I did. I made my first batch and took a swallow and WOAH.. the flavor was rather um.. intense to say the least. It definitely took some fine tuning to get it palatable. However, as I was doing the dirty work for all of you though taste testing, something happened. I realized I hadn’t been sick in 3 months, then 6 months, then 9. All of a sudden I was going on over a year without so much as a sniffle! I was hooked and my love for Herbalism was born.

Ever since, I have continued to take Fire Cider and use herbs as a way to naturally and holistically improve many ailments for myself and my family. I might also have developed a slight obsession with dried herbs and they may or may not be taking over all of my cabinet space, but thats for a different blog.

What is the Purpose of Natures Gold?

Herbs have been absolulty life changing for me and my family. From Fire Cider to custom tea blends, I turn to herbs to support my family in any conditions or sickness. Herbs have been used for thousands of years to provide relief, support, and a general health and wellness for the entire body. We as humans are connected to nature though a symbiotic relationship. Mother Earth provides for us everything that our bodies need. Through herbalism, much can be improved and strengthened. One of my biggest drives in creating Natures Gold, is to share this information with others who are looking for a more natural way to support their body and mind. Even if the house of herbs is new to you, I encourage you to reach out and ask questions, research, and of course enjoy the experience of learning all that Mother Nature has to offer you.

I leave you with this..

“He who finds an herb has found a cure” - Michael Johnson

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